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Give stucture to your projects

Pointing out to our client’s needs, focalising on client’s best ideas, to fully realize his project.

Since many years Italiana Saldature S.R.L. puts on the markets its professionalism and creativity to give the right technical solutions to all those concerns which want to grow, spreading out in the terriroty their own identity.

This is the spirit team of our staff: to offer, in compliance with the requirements and the type of work required, the most suitable solution. Professional long international experience deeply wanted and leaded by Molent family, after a long profitable presence in the European markets.

A perfect dose of traditional skills and capacity to understand and aquire newest tehnology market strategies of the industrial weldings.

This are the reasons of a study success, that makes Italiana Saldature the preferred partener, for those firms that want to set up new concerns.

Our stuff is entirely compose of skilled personnal, always in a position to satify the most difficult technical needs and requirements of the projects.

Italiana Saldature means, above all, an engineering team that knows how to deal with the project from the first drawing to the and of the assembly of the structure.

For this reason we are in a position to offer the best answer to all the client’s questions showing different solutions.

To give a structure to our client’s projects means for us to give WE client’s identity to the manufactured final project.

Mark the teritory with your signature, we shall be your pen.

Arc welding, manual different type of weldings and continuous weldings. We work and operate on all types of carpentry, tubes and pipes crane steel trellis.

We own 16.000 squared metres of modern equipped workshops fitted with several bridge cranes up to 20 tones and different other equipments.

In our workshops we carry on orders regarding turning and milling.


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